A Road Stabilizing-Dust Suppressing Product

Stabilock is a product where agricultural resources that are readily available are used and formulated to be not only effective, but environmentally responsible. Stabilock is a naturally occurring by-product of the vegetable oil refining process.

When formulated by Environmental Dust Control, Inc., it is an excellent material for suppressing dust in most all applications. Chemists have combined ingredients in Stabilock to make it non-corrosive and friendly to equipment and environment aspects alike.

Stabilock penetrates into the bed of the material and "bonds" to make a barrier that is naturally biodegradable. This means the Stabilock stays where it is applied, ensuring that the surrounding ground soil and water are not contaminated.

In addition to effective dust control, erosion of surface material and formulation of mud is virtually eliminated.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide an effective, environmentally safe product and service that deals with dust control and road stabilization in all applications, as well as promoting the use of organic based renewable, biodegradable resources.


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